Friday, September 08, 2006

Shanti Returns

And then she came home. Yesterday morning, after I had posted my previous blog about Shanti, the tiny but sturdy stray kitty who adopted us the week our granddaughter was born, she showed up, bloody but unbowed. Well, not bloody exactly, but her left ear has a couple of gashes, her left jaw has a small chunk missing, and she was skinnier than I’ve ever seen her. Except for when she first showed up, of course. Back then she wasn’t much more than skin and bones and a will to live.

When she walked in, meowing, and joined us for breakfast, meowing like it was our fault for her being hungry, it felt like an electric shock. We’d had a good cry, the day before, I’d written a requiem, we were already moving on. Then, like a ghost, here she came strolling in like the petite princess she is. We shed tears of joy, fed her some treats, and generally spoiled her as if there was no tomorrow.

At the moment, Shanti is sleeping in her bed, fed and relaxed and healing. We are feeling so grateful we get to hang out with her some more. The point to my blog is simple. Tell everyone you love how much you love them! Give them hugs like you might never see them again. Don’t wait another second to be gratuitously lavish with your loves. And don’t forget yourself. After all, dear one, you are also well worth loving. Truly, love is all there is.

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