Sunday, February 19, 2006


I don’t claim to have any answers for you. Once you’ve learned how to access your higher self, you’ll discover that all the answers you will ever need have always been available to you. When you come to fully appreciate this, you will find all your questions answered from within. Please trust that you will recognize when your inner voice is offering guidance for your highest good. Now, let’s begin by creating some context.

To put it as simply as possible, we are a manifestation of All-That-Is, the animating spark of consciousness that you might think of as your soul, or higher self. We are a Divine expression of All-That-Is, and so are you.

Every single human being is a deeply cherished manifestation of All-That-Is. Like all people, and all of creation for that matter, Divinity is your birthright. Every thing (by which we mean all facets of the universe), whether or not you consider it alive, is also an expression of the infinitely loving heart of All-That-Is. For thousands of years, numerous spiritual traditions have taught that there is really no separation between us. In Drunk with Wonder, we heartily affirm that teaching.

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samiranghosh said...

Namaste, and a very happy read of ur post. I'm from India, and was curious enough to surf through ur post. was very delighted to get a glipse of ur profile and the post. Though it seemed too long at times but it didnt miss out the objictivity. I hope u carry on with such posts in future, just that segmentise them so that it becomes an interesting read. I hope u would like to read my posts..
God Bless
Samiran Ghosh